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Broad Bay Sailing Association Cruising
Many of the club members are interested in cruising, some with dreams of distant shores in the future. The Cruising contingent gets together early in the year to plan cruises for the entire year. Many of the cruises are multi-day cruises Ė some spent on anchor and some at marinas. Each cruise has a host Cruise Captain volunteer to determine the nature and destination(s) of their hosted cruise.

Cruise information is coordinated by the BBSA Fleet Cruising Captain, who maintains the cruising calendar and supporting documents to make cruise planning easy. Documents available on this website include

What Is a Cruise?

A cruise is a scheduled sailing trip with an individual Cruise Captain to organize it. BBSA cruises can include weekend and multi-week cruises and cruises associated with special events. Cruises can be oriented around a topic (Derby Day), a destination (Cape Charles), an event (Memorial Day), or a focus, such as family, long-distance, offshore, or relaxation. Multiple cruises may be scheduled for the same time periods, but they should have different purposes or audiences when they overlap so they complement each other and donít compete for the same group of cruisers. For example, a long-distance cruise may be underway when a local family cruise is also scheduled.

More Information

For more information, contact the BBSA Fleet Cruising Captain at

BBSA Cruising Calendar

It will be updated as cruises are added or canceled by the BBSA Fleet Cruising Captain. All cruises are also announced in the Banter.

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Upcoming Cruises
4/26/2019 Yorktown Riverwalk Pirate Invasion Cruise 4/26-4/28
5/18/2019 Spring into Cruising at Waterside 5/18-5/19
5/25/2019 Memorial Weekend Cruise to Mobjack Bay
6/7/2019 York River Yacht Haven Cruise
6/7/2019 Harbor Fest - Downtown Norfolk
6/15/2019 Summer Cruise I - Sooper Looper June 15-30
6/16/2019 Summer Sailstice Cruise - Fleets Bay
6/20/2019 Summer Cruise III - Chesapeake Bay Marina Cruise
6/20/2019 Summer Cruise II - Chesapeake Bay
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